Quick Response Gets Kids Back in the Water

Summer fun only took a brief pause for pool repair at a community pool in Martinsburg, WV, thanks to the quick response and work of the poolFORCE crew adding a 60 MIL Ultimate Pool Surface membrane. The Martinsburg/Berkley Parks and Recreation Department, operators of War Memorial Pool, were extremely frustrated. The pool, with multiple hand rails, floor returns for water to flow into the pool, and in-place, water-spraying toys and a slide, is in high demand this time of year.The challenge was the many penetrations in the floor of the pool, with a spraying mushroom, pouring buckets, and a slide designed in the shape of a frog; the tongue of the frog being the actual slide.

The existing liner was completed 8 years ago by a competitor 60 MIL liner company and was already failing. It was tearing and leaking too much water, particularly around the floor returns, to make it feasible to wait until the end of the summer season to repair the pool completely. It was just not usable, creating an emergency situation for Parks & Rec, with so many summer events scheduled and kids wanting to spend their last few weeks of summer in the pool as much as they possibly could.

The Ultimate Pool Surface solution was timely, and the pool, once drained, was only out of commission for one week, as the crew replaced the liner in five days.
The swimmers are back, enjoying the last days of summer.

The new Ultimate Pool Surface liner has a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty, giving the Parks and Rec Department peace of mind for years to come.Swimmers experiencing this 60-Mil liner, new to the U.S. market, enjoy a smooth, comfortable pool surface. It has the durability of concrete, without the skinned knees, arms or feet typical of swimming in a concrete-lined pool.

Our promise: Very little time and trouble while installation is completed.