No More Leaks at Maryland Army Pool (Updated 2019)

A problematic leaking pool at Fort Detrick, a U.S. Army Medical Command in Frederick, Maryland, is “swimming again” with happy people, once Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL liner was installed.

The first attempt at a replacement liner in the concrete pool, by a competitor, didn’t get the job done like they were told it would. Once the pool was filled with water, that liner STILL leaked. The pool was losing a significant amount of water each hour. Because of the requirement to continue adding water to keep the pool filled, the team could not keep the pool chemically balanced, making it unsafe for swimming.

The second installation involved Ultimate Pool Surface’s German engineered 60 MIL Membrane. It is 7 times stronger and 80% more stable than the nearest competition. Problem solved!

In addition to replacing the membrane in the 12,000 cubic foot commercial pool, our certified installers added a sun shelf, zero entry and anti-slip stairs. This was all on top of reducing the depth of the deep center of the pool. The light blue 60 MIL membrane was finished off with black racing lanes.

Our Pool Gutter Connection (termination) produced an aesthetically pleasing finish, compared to the traditional unsightly compression strip on the wall of the pool. This was a finish that the owner could not be happier with. Ultimate Pool Surface’s Connector is a 100% water-tight seal. While other compression strips are questionable when it comes to water tightness and can trap debris inside the ledge, the Ultimate Pool Surface Connector does not catch debris or allow algae growth.

On this project, we partnered with Rock Hill, South Carolina based company, Paddock Industries for vinyl liner compliant parts. They did an excellent job of preparing the job site for us with new rope and hand rail anchors.