How Seismic Activity Affects Your Pool

Seismic movements and earthquakes are some of your worst enemies when you have a pool. Even the smallest amounts of seismic activity can cause considerable shifts in the earth’s crust. With a traditional 20-27 MIL pool liner or gunite pool, these shifts can cause a crack and inevitably, a leak, creating stress that you just shouldn’t have to deal with.

With our 60 MIL pool liner, we can guarantee that seismic activity will not cause a crack in the pool membrane, which means no leak in your pool. Ultimate Pool Surface provides a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty, which means that it prevents the loss of water in your pool due to an unfortunate event. Repairing cracks on the walls or the floor of an old or damaged pool will not solve leaking problems long-term. Installing poolFORCE over the surface will provide the final water tightness that your customer is looking for.

This even applies to freeze-thaw cycles and extremely hot weather conditions that normally cause cracking to the foundation, causing cracks in the pool liner. That just isn’t the case with our 60 MIL membrane. It is technically perfect. It has been quality tested for more than 30 years determining that our membranes are antimicrobial equipped, stabilized against high UV rays, and cold resistant.

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UPDATED: Jan 17th, 2019