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Custom, Commercial Grade 60-Mil Pool Liners - Transform Your Pool

Custom, Commercial Grade 60-Mil Pool Liners - Transform Your Pool

Custom, Commercial Grade 60-Mil Pool Liners - Transform Your Pool

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Our Product


Longer life span

Surface easier to clean

Excellent protection against scratches

Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi making the pool more hygienic

Best protection against UV radiation, preventing premature aging

The system allows quick installation

Pool Renovation: Stop Pool Leaks Now

If your concrete, tiled, or gunite pool is leaking water and needs resurfacing, our products are your best long term investment.

Variety of Colors available in swimming pool liners

Custom for Any Job

.Custom weld in place 60-Mil PVC in-ground pool liners go over most any existing hard wall and floor systems such as poured concrete, gunite, steel, aluminum, fiberglass or wood

Stress-Free Installation

Our Installers are certified by Ultimate Pools USA, Inc. There is a shorter than industry normal downtime during construction or pool renovations, with less disruption for you and your customers. No heavy machinery is required during installation.

Long Lasting Durability

Formulated with ultraviolet inhibitors and antimicrobial agents to ensure long life and less time on pool maintenance. Backed by confident warranties.

Ultimate Pools USA, Inc.

About Ultimate Pools USA

Ultimate Pool Surface is the product group in which our commercial pool liners are produced under.

Products are manufactured using first-class raw materials with consistent monitoring of all products. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified, the highest international standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use a swimming pool liner to renovate my cracked, leaking concrete pool instead of concrete?

Our 60-Mil swimming pool liner offers you the durability of concrete without the hassles of concrete renovation. Our product comes with a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty so you will be swimming worry-free for years. The smooth surface is very comfortable for swimmers so there are no skinned knees, arms or feet typical in a concrete-lined swimming pool.

Installation is quick and easy meaning very little time and trouble for you and your family while installation is completed. Our certified installers do not require disruptive, heavy machinery on your property so there is less noise during the renovation. The installer completes all work inside your pool.

You can swim immediately! No more waiting up to six days and cleaning chemical elements out of the water, as is the case with a plaster resurfacing project.

What are the advantages of using a 60-Mil membrane over the traditional 27-Mil liner typically used in the U.S.?

Durability is a major reason for choosing a 60-Mil swimming pool membrane.

  • Our product is seven times stronger in tensile strength (breakage under tension) than the competition.
  • Our material is 80 percent more stable than the competition. It is easier to install, in both warm and cold weather with no wrinkles in temperature variances. The product is easier to install in curves, since almost all U.S. pools built in a two- to six-foot radius pattern.
  • Our material absorbs less than half as much water as the competition, creating a much longer life for the product. These membranes last twice as long as the competition.

All of this means a worry-free pool for you, backed by our 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty.

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