Fur Baby Safe

Does your water-loving dog claw your swimming pool causing tears and expensive repairs to the liner? This is a problem for many liner swimming pools resulting in people just not allowing their dogs to get into their pool at all. Well, we have a solution that your fur babies are sure to love! Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL membrane is seven times stronger than the traditional 20-27 MIL membrane, and best of all, resistant to dog scratches as your pet scampers out of your pool.

You may be telling yourself that just getting a concrete or gunite swimming pool is the best option since there is no way a surface like that could ever be damaged by your pet. And you’re right, it can’t. But what we can offer that a concrete or gunite pool cannot is a 15-Year Water Tightness Guarantee. In the case of concrete or gunite pools, it is recommended that it be re-plastered every 4-6 years due to either rough surface, gunite showing through, or mineral stains, and this can set you back a couple thousand dollars every time you have to do it. With our 60 MIL membrane, we can guarantee at least 15 years that you won’t have to worry for one second about your pool being damaged for any reason. There’s even 60 MIL membrane pools in Europe that are still in great condition with no need to be replaced after being installed twenty-five to thirty years ago! This is something that no other pool surface can offer!

Our membrane is algae resistant and antimicrobial, only being made from pure virgin raw materials. This means that we control what materials are used and how they are used for our membranes. This specifically is what really sets us apart from our 60 MIL competitors. Controlling our materials from the source also lets us produce a phthalate free product, exceeding all safety standards. With this new to the United States 60 MIL membrane, you can welcome your dog into the pool for family fun without any worries!